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Animated GIF’S

Easily create multi-frame photo animations with our Animated GIF feature. Now you can use motion to capture memories and tell stories. We can even combine our advanced green screen and smart placement technology to insert a guest into a scene that can be uploaded instantly to email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message.


Our regular photo booth takes 3 photos and then prints them out on a photo strip. Our GIF Booth takes a quick burst of photos and turns them in to a 2-3 second looping clip. The clip can then be shared to your phone, email and/or social media.

Well, yes and no. As standard, no it doesn’t, but optionally, we can set it up so guests can choose between doing a GIF session and a regular photo booth session.

Yes. You sure can.

Once a guest makes their GIF, they will immediately have the option to share it to their phone via SMS or email. From there, they get a link to a micro-site where they can view the GIF and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or download it).

Heck yes they will! GIFs are ridiculously fun to make. Our operator will explain to your guests how it all works.

A Boomerang GIF is a quick burst of 20 or so photos that make a short 2 second GIF that plays forwards, then backwards.”

A standard GIF is 3 individual photos that are put together to make an animation.