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Check Out Page

Please use this secure check-out form below to make your photo booth rental payment by way of Credit Card.

  1. Fill out the credit card form completely.
  2. In the Package Plan” field, please put your package plan (Platinum, Gold or Silver) that you wish to purchase.
  3. In the next field, enter the amount that you will be paying for the event, then complete your payment.
  4. Please add in a mandatory 10% gratuity tip. If we don’t see this included in the payment, our office will call back and inform you of this payment.
  5. After payment has been completed, you will be redirected to our Event Form page. (If you have done this prior then don’t fill it out again) Please fill out that form completely.
  6. Once we have everything that we need, we will draw up your rental agreement and have it to you within 24 hours.